Lend-A-Hand India (LAHI)

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Lend-a-Hand India
is a non-profit organization based in New York (with London and India offices) that focuses on teaching the youth in India to empower themselves with profitable skills and training. By working with local governments, communities and other grass-roots groups, the organization offers access to vocational courses, work and entrepreneurial opportunities. Founders Raj Gilda and Sunanda Mane started the group in 2003 to help rural communities and challenge poverty.

Today, ongoing programs include training for vocational skills and career counseling, along with youth leadership training. The non-profit is also planning to work with other organizations in other parts of Asia on similar youth oriented causes.

LAHI implements these programs to support existing organizations with similar objectives and challenges. The organization assists with interventions, programs and technologies, by sharing technical expertise and financial aid. Added organizational services include research studies that are field based.

Program Features

- NEW Permaculture Course for Students in Rural Communities
The organization is planning to launch a new sustainable living course with the help of international permaculture experts. Aimed at high school students, the course will cover:
water harvesting, farm design and waste management, as well as eco-friendly building design and construction.

The Permaculture project is initially planned for two rural locations in Maharashtra (participants will be two Lend-A-Hand-India affiliated schools) that will also include two other demo permaculture sites. Coursework will be adapted to local languages and conditions.

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- Career Counseling
Project “Disha” (“path” or “direction”) focuses on aptitude testing, counseling and building workshops for the youth in rural communities.

- Vocational Training
Project “Swadheen” (“self-motivated”) offers skills training in 20 trades:
a. poultry raising
b. fabrication
c. garage mechanic
d. electrical maintenance
e. carpentry
f. nursing aide
g. tailoring
h. pathological analysis
i. construction
j. tattoo making
h. housekeeping
k. personal grooming

- Youth Leadership Training
Project Catalyst aims to mold young leaders from low-income communities by exposing them to community development work. LAHI provides a six month training program in fund raising and communication/personality development, as well as community development practices.

- Small Enterprise Development
The organization also supports course graduates with a loan program to help start their own small enterprise. Called the “bridge loan fund”, the loan program covers costs for 6 months, after a graduate completes a feasibility study with a mentor.

What Lend-A-Hand-India Needs

LAHI is always looking for donors and volunteers to help with their causes. They welcome anyone who can assist with writing grant proposals, contacting donors or organizing events.

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Contact info


784 Columbus Avenue, #10G
New York, NY 10025 USA
Tel. +1.917.493.9000

E-Mail: LAHI(at)lend-a-hand-india.org

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