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Indonesian Development of Education and Permaculture (IDEP)

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


IDEP is a non-government organization that aims to promote disaster preparedness and sustainable community development through permaculture. Located in Bali, it implements programs for disaster management, direct response and sustainable recovery. The organization mandate is immediate response within 36 hours of a disaster.

Since its launch in 1999, IDEP has participated in almost every major relief effort, from the Bali Bombings to the Asian Tsunami disaster. This NGO is supported by local and international volunteers and donors.

Ongoing projects include training for disaster preparedness and permaculture practices that support improved living standards. Free educational resources are also available at its website.

Program Features

1. Disaster and Risk Preparedness

IDEP focuses on helping every community with tools and practical knowledge to help reduce the loss of lives and resources when a catastrophe strikes. The foundation gives appropriate training for erosion control, risk mapping and community response, as well as waste management.

2. Emergency Response

A country-wide support network covers immediate aid delivery of basic needs to help keep people from leaving their communities. Basic water, sanitation and health care are addressed right away to initiate community recovery.

3. Facilitating Community Recovery

IDEP also provides the necessary education and materials for earthquake-proof bamboo buildings, soil rehabilitation, planting, self-propagating seed distribution and coastal management. An extension of the program is water management, food security and small enterprise setup.

4. Sustainable Development

To help get communities back on their feet, the organization conducts training for: organic farming, pest control, sewage treatment and conservation, among others. IDEP also supplements this with the appropriate technology needed.

Project Needs

IDEP is made possible through a strong network of donors and volunteers. All are welcome.

Contact Info

Yayasan IDEP Foundation
Jalan Hanoman No.42
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Mailing Address :
PO BOX 160 Ubud, 80571
Bali, Indonesia

Tel/Fax : +62 361 981504