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Malaysia – The Sustainable Living Centre

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


The Sustainable Living Centre (SLC) in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur is a non-profit organization operating a small demo and education center promoting “green” living concepts for urban settings. The Centre conducts presentations on how to use energy, water, food and air resources more wisely. They also offer visitors a chance to learn organic gardening with chemical-free methods for growing fruits, spices, vegetables and herbs.

HS Wong founded the Centre in 1998 to spread sustainable living concepts that can be applied to urban living. The Centre is managed and designed by Permaculture Sdn. Bhd. in partnership with Permaculture Visions International. At present SLC conducts presentations to groups at a minimal fee. Students are not charged for admission.

Project Details

1. Energy Efficiency

The Centre implements different energy-reducing models around its facility to demonstrate a more efficient way of using resources. They incorporate “green” building techniques to move air around for better insulation. The building is equipped with air-turbines, air-vents, louvres and heat-resistant materials. This effectively reduces the need for using air conditioners and fans, in addition to making fridges more energy efficient.

2. Organic Gardening

SLC has a garden model that uses chemical-free methods for growing plants. They use multi-cropping techniques for bayam, lettuces, chillies, kangkong and others, maintained through a combination of mulching and composting.

3. Rainwater harvesting

To facilitate water efficiency, the Centre uses its own uniquely designed Rainwater Collection system. Click here to view an illustration.

4. Water System

SLC also implements a complete water system to facilitate better use of resources. Greywater (those that come from wash basins, washing machines or the sink) are treated and recycled for reuse at the facility. The Centre treats its own wastewater with a mini-wetland system composed of filter beds and aquatic plants. Potable water is also produced from these same resources with UV lamps.

What SLC Needs

The Centre welcomes WWoOFers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms).

Contact Info

The Sustainable Living Centre

Managed by Permaculture Sdn. Bhd


For Tours and Volunteering Opportunities:

HS Wong


Contact Person: Manwant Singh Calais, Executive Director

Tel: (603) 61572412

Mobile: (6012) 2110904


Ms. Nur Zahirah Zakaria, PDC., director and certified Permaculture designer

Tel: (603) 41063608



Mr SB Ang

Tel: (65) 535 1817

Fax: (65) 535 2725

Mobile: (65) 97335774


Malaysia – Permaculture Perak

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

(Source: Permaculture Perak website)

Permaculture Perak is a former plantation using permaculture farming methods for sustainable agriculture. It is six kilometers from Lenggong village; also 100 km from the city of Ipoh. Farm management is committed to land development through sustainable methods and being in harmony with the local community and the environment.

Farm owners use environmentally conscious practices for farming:

- implementing organic farming, composting

- using local materials and renewable energy sources for less carbon emission

- Recycling and proper waste management

The farm is located at a high mountain level, often secluded by clouds from the valley situated below. The site has two structures, one for accommodations and the other, a former warehouse that is now used for livestock. The farmstay building is equipped with modern amenities: bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and dining area. The other building is currently being renovated to make space for more visitors.

Future plans for the farm include management of up to 100 acres. The Perak farm community is working towards better irrigation and soil erosion control, along with replanting efforts to spruce up the property with more trees. Some organically grown products like honey, tea, meat and spices are also planned to be sold to visitors on the farm and through the farm website.

Project Details

1. Farmstay/ Tours/ Guest Activities

Permaculture Perak offers comfortable accommodations for tourists or guests who would like to have an authentic farm experience. Guests are given tours about “green” farming methods/ technologies as well as interesting sights around the local area.

Visitors can participate in hiking trips and exploration activities around the site. Guests can enjoy scenic river walking tours and waterfall expeditions at the famous Lata Kekabu waterfall. The farm is also a haven for wildlife with occasional sightings of colorful butterflies, wild elephants, pigs and gibbons.

2. Volunteers

The farm welcomes volunteers to help out in maintaining the farm. Free lodging is offered. Volunteers are needed for vegetable, spices and tree planting, animal care, building activities and other work. For more information, click here.

Contact info:

Permaculture Perak

Contact Person: Ladia Kuta

Tel: +60163067986 / +60163067985

Location: 6kms uphill from Lenggong village in Perak

Click here to see the map.