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Jordan Valley Permaculture Project

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

(Source: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia)

The new Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan, under management of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, launched the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project in March of 2008 to redevelop and revitalize arid lands in the Dead Sea Valley to establish a sustainable living environment that can fill the basic necessities of the underprivileged local community. The project demonstrates energy saving, sustainable living models that include:

- Waste water treatment done naturally with biological processes

- Diverse plant, tree and animal systems to sustain food production

- Composting (dry)

- Cooling systems (natural)

- A nursery for plants

- Rain water collection with earthwork

- Solar powered models for heating water and providing electricity.

Also known as “Greening the Desert“, the project features a main educational center for permaculture design classes. The first class was conducted in October, 2009.

(Source: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia)

To date, the project has successfully completed some of its milestones for the March 2011 target deadline:

Phase I (Sept., 2008) – all initial infrastructure was built, including the main house, fencing, garden set-up, compost toilet (dry), water tanks, reed bed (gravel), nursery, animal area and plant nursery.

Phase II (March, 2009) – solar infrastructure installation, plant and animal systems set-up and completion of the main house (furnishing, interiors, kitchen, bedrooms, office).

Phase III (March, 2010) – Completion of training programs for local trainers with mentorship from the main Permaculture research institute for management of the project (education, administration and infrastructure).

Future Plans

The Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan aims to establish completely local operations with minimal visits from the mentoring staff. The institute also looks forward to extending the project to other Jordanian areas which might take an interest in establishing a similar system.

Project Needs

This project needs permaculture course enrollees to take part in Permaculture Design Course (PDC)s to help establish a fund for maintaining operations. Click here for more information.

Contact Info:

Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan

Email : geoff (at)

Tel: +61 (0)2 6688 6578

Cell: +61 (0) 427862902

Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG)

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

(Source: Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) )

Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) is a national non-government organization (NGO) composed of different members of sustainable agriculture, development and permaculture groups in Nepal.  They are also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC). Founded in 1992, they aim to spread permaculture principles in the country. The organization’s mission is to develop a self-sustaining society through sustainable development practices.


- Holds workshops, press conferences, rallies and publications to further its vision

- Expand members’ knowledge through training and exposure

- Organize seminars and training on Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture

- Produce English and Nepali Permaculture literature

- Establish a database of Permaculture resources

- Document and interface traditional social systems with Permaculture knowledge

- Research and develop activities on Permaculture and sustainable development


At present these are the successful projects already completed:

- Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal (PSAN)

In cooperation with Inter-Church Action (Canada), and the United Mission to Nepal (UMN), the NGO spearheaded farmer training and trainer training in various localities around the country. They built 30 learning centers, conducted conferences and workshops on sustainable farming. These centers are now used as model farms.

- Permaculture Promotion in Kaski

Together with the World Vision International Nepal Kaski (WVIN-Kaski), NPG conducted livelihood educational projects in different farming communities, including permaculture design courses and design training.

- Seed for Survival (SFS)

This project aimed to promote genetic diversity in four ethnic communities to improve food production. Educational emphasis was placed on farm agrobiodiversity and conservation through the sharing of skills, local practices and knowledge. As an extension of the program, livelihood training was also added to help the local economy generate employment and micro-enterprise opportunities.

- Food Security, Organic Agriculture (OA) and Local Market Devt. Workshop

An Organic Agriculture workshop promoting technical knowledge for food production and marketing organic products was launched with funding from EED (Germany) and UCN (Netherlands).

- Promoting Organic Agriculture for Food Security in Nepal (POAF)

POAF is still underway in the central region to address food security issues in local food production. Its objective is to promote organic technologies and production methods along with a strong marketing system.

MAIN Program Details

1. Network/Policy Advocacies

NPG is active in policy making related to permaculture and sustainable development.

2. National Permaculture Forums/ General Assemblies

The organizational network is dedicated to establishing a national forum to address food security and climate change on a national level.

3. Training

The National Permaculture Group offers sustainable agriculture/ permaculture courses nationwide to develop environmental and social consciousness. These include: Basic and Advanced Permaculture design, Training for trainers, Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Agriculture courses.

4. Promotion

The organization also works with different certification and inspection bodies to advance its vision. They partner with Organic Certification Nepal (OCN) and the Nepal Organic Inspector’s Association (NORIA) to implement permaculture model projects, farm design and community development work.

NPG Needs You

They offer volunteer opportunities to anyone interested in their causes. Click here for more information.

Contact Info

Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG)

Central Secretariat

GPO Box: 8132, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-1-4252597,

Fax: +977-1-4419284 (Attn.)