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India – Solitude Farm

Friday, May 28th, 2010

(Source: Solitude Farm Facebook Page)

Solitude Farm is a farm community using permaculture methods for growing crops on a six-acre property in Auroville, India. Farm owners base their planting methods on Masanou Fukuoka’s philosophy of natural farming. The farm grows different vegetables, lentils, fruits, oil seeds, millets and rice. As part of their sustainable agricultural activities, the farm members also practice green building techniques and alternative energy methods.

Projects in Progress

According to the farm’s blog , they are now in the sowing season for red rice. The farm used green manure and composting on 300 sq meters of field to enrich the soil. The whole process took 6 months. When weeds grew they were pulled and used as mulch.

The farm is experimenting with this technique based from Msanobu Fukuoka’s theories. Solitude Farm hopes to replicate this model with other crops if planting is successful.

Project Needs

As the farm hosts different volunteers, more work is needed on agricultural endeavors.

Contact Info

Solitude Farm

Email: latiruese[at]yahoo[dot]com

Tel: +91 0413 2622068.

India – Centre for Education & Documentation (CED)

Friday, May 28th, 2010


The Centre for Education & Documentation (CED) is a non-government organization (NGO) (with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore) that works to disseminate development information about the marginalized sector to other NGO’s and other pertinent organizations. CED also functions to support and promote advocacies related to pressing issues in the marginalized sector.

Program Description

The NGO operates two info centers in Bangalore and Bombay where teachers, students, journalists and professionals, and others can get access to development information.  CED produces documentaries, films, publications, digests and posters about their mission subjects.

Sustainable Agriculture Projects

CED’s Urban Agriculture Program

In 2008, the NGO presented a program entitled “Climate Changes Cities – recycle waste, grow food, save water” to discuss Urban Agriculture topics. The main focus of the program was CED’s own documentary called “City Farming”, a film about sustainable organic farming in cities. The film discussed the many benefits of organic city farming. Other program events included a lecture from “Organic Agriculture in Cuba” author Bharat Mansata and a presentation about rain water harvesting.

Non Pesticidal Management DVD film (Currently Being Promoted)

The film is for interested individuals, activists, social workers, or other cause-oriented groups who can use the DVD as a resource material about farming without pesticides. CED also has related film-related paraphernalia (articles, documents, etc) available.

Contact Info:

Centre for Education & Documentation (CED)


CED Mumbai

3 Suleman Chambers

4 Battery Street

Behind Regal Cinema

Mumbai – 400 001

Phone: (022) 22020019

email :

CED Bangalore

No. 7, 8th Main , 3rd phase

Domlur 2nd Stage

Bangalore – 560071

Phone: (080) 25353397