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Jordan Valley Permaculture Project

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

(Source: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia)

The new Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan, under management of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, launched the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project in March of 2008 to redevelop and revitalize arid lands in the Dead Sea Valley to establish a sustainable living environment that can fill the basic necessities of the underprivileged local community. The project demonstrates energy saving, sustainable living models that include:

- Waste water treatment done naturally with biological processes

- Diverse plant, tree and animal systems to sustain food production

- Composting (dry)

- Cooling systems (natural)

- A nursery for plants

- Rain water collection with earthwork

- Solar powered models for heating water and providing electricity.

Also known as “Greening the Desert“, the project features a main educational center for permaculture design classes. The first class was conducted in October, 2009.

(Source: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia)

To date, the project has successfully completed some of its milestones for the March 2011 target deadline:

Phase I (Sept., 2008) – all initial infrastructure was built, including the main house, fencing, garden set-up, compost toilet (dry), water tanks, reed bed (gravel), nursery, animal area and plant nursery.

Phase II (March, 2009) – solar infrastructure installation, plant and animal systems set-up and completion of the main house (furnishing, interiors, kitchen, bedrooms, office).

Phase III (March, 2010) – Completion of training programs for local trainers with mentorship from the main Permaculture research institute for management of the project (education, administration and infrastructure).

Future Plans

The Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan aims to establish completely local operations with minimal visits from the mentoring staff. The institute also looks forward to extending the project to other Jordanian areas which might take an interest in establishing a similar system.

Project Needs

This project needs permaculture course enrollees to take part in Permaculture Design Course (PDC)s to help establish a fund for maintaining operations. Click here for more information.

Contact Info:

Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan

Email : geoff (at)

Tel: +61 (0)2 6688 6578

Cell: +61 (0) 427862902

Thailand – Permaculture Design In Pai

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


The Permaculture Design In Pai project is a co-operative of local and multi-national community members developing a 5.5 acre agricultural property along Pai River. The land belongs to Buti, an akha tribe woman and her family who have been working the land with their own traditional permacultural practices. Members of the farm grow nuts, incense and hardwood trees, among others.

At present, the farm harvests sugar cane and sells it at its own store. There are future plans to do many more cottage industries. The co-operative community at Pai also plans to build a bio-gas digester, plant 400 peak trees and create alcohol fuel from fermentable harvest surplus.

More work is being done on:

1. An organic garden (Ethnobotanical)

2. Water filtration (groundwater)

3. Ram pump system installation and hydro-generator set-up

4. Water system (Key Line). 6 ponds (each with it’s own ecosystem), aquaculture

5. Silk production from mulberry trees (organic)

6. A new solar greenhouse

7. Sustainable building materials and methods, mainly bamboo

8. Sustainable wood lots

Project Needs

The farm is seeking willing workers on their organic farm as well as donations for several equipment and other things needed on the site.


For info about lodging, directions to the farm:

Contact Person: Willow